Drone Inspections Improve the Accuracy and Consistency of Rooftop Measurements

From twisted tape measures to inconsistent endpoint selection, to inaccessible edges, it’s difficult to maintain accuracy and consistency within a set of rooftop measurements.

No more worrying about inaccurate data or having to return to a site to gather missed information. The solution uses a set protocol for selecting endpoints, so measurements are complete and consistent throughout an entire project.

Drones are a Safer, Cost-Effective Alternative to Boots-on-the-Roof

Falls are the leading cause of death on industrial job sites. With drones, you reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need for ladder assists and boots-on-the-roof data collection.

if you can reduce time spent on a roof by three hours, that’s three hours an employee is on the ground and out of harm’s way.

Drone Technology Delivers a Rich Dataset and Powerful Return-on-Investment

Drones are a far faster and more cost-effective way to gather information and turn it into actionable data. In fact, end-to-end drone solutions have proven to be at least three times faster than traditional methods.But the return-on-investment for drones on rooftops goes beyond just the savings in time and human resources. Drones deliver a far more productive set of data compared to what can be gathered by manual measurement.

Benefits of a Roof Report From AntiGravity Aerial Productions

  • We automate the collection of high-resolution roof imagery

  • We generate accurate roof reports for further analysis 

  • We take consistent, accurate measurements of square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope

  • We allow access to a PDF file for easy sharing and collaboration

  • We can export a roof geometry DXF file compatible with your existing tools for CAD analysis and design

  • We are 3X faster than traditional methods

  • We Collect data in a consistent, repeatable way