Engaging Highlight Videos

            We also offer ground-level interior/exterior photography  with a professional DSLR! 

With beautiful Aerial cinematic movements that add an engaging perspective to smooth indoor video tours, you have a combination that really adds value to a property!  Showcasing a home this way will attract "out-of-town" buyers who do not want to travel and see every property of  interest.  This is a NEW and INNOVATIVE marketing strategy that will set you apart from other agents who use traditional methods. Video and photographs taken from the sky will put your listings two steps ahead of your competition. You will be able to market through the shareability and accessibility of videos, and create an emotional response in the viewer.





                                  Engaging Highlight Videos

There are numerous benefits to using video, particularly Aerial Video to showcase your commercial Real Estate. 

1. It Draws Listing Traffic

2. It Offers a Better Sense of Space and Area

3. It Lets You Highlight What Makes Your Listing Unique

4. It Can Be Incorporated Into Other Strategies

             INDOOR VIDEO TOURS                Real Walk-Through  

Highlight the Interior living space with an Indoor Video Tour!

Footage is captured using a hand-held steadi-cam that produces smooth and professional results.  Many tools are utilized to capture interesting perspectives and engaging visuals that will bring VALUE to the home. Potential buyers can immerse themselves in the layout and really get a feel for their lifestyle in that home. Our videos add an extremely important element of selling Real Estate. EMOTION. 



                                Powerful marketing Videos 

The Power of Video Marketing is undeniable! It enables a LOT of information in a small amount of time. Adding AERIAL Video is spectacular! It engages your viewer like never before and greatly enhances the video to be memorable. THAT is so key. Give AntiGravity Aerial Productions a call. We're ready to create! 

Drones offer a perspective that will spotlight and enhance the look and feel of an event! Creating memorable and fun video for events is a great way to showcase a special occasion.   Aerial perspectives combined with ground-level  video produced into  one production will turn a one-day event into a memorable and engaging production that will last forever! 



-Showing Clients The Progress

-Monitoring Job Sites

-Inspecting Structures

-Keeping the Project On-Track and On-Budget


Contact For Film and  Television Rates

In my experience creating Video Productions  for clients,  I have seen that every production is truly different.  Property layout, visuals of adjacent properties, best approach angles and even safety factors make each production an individual work. Every video that I create is unique,  and not restricted to the normal basic movements you may see elsewhere.  I take each and every shoot as it's own opportunity to create.  Please take a few seconds to  answer these  3 questions and we will be able to provide you with a price quote.