Hey!  My name is Corey, and I am the owner of AntiGravity Aerial Productions, where I provide both aerial and traditional videography and photography services. I have a solid self-taught foundation and an incredible amount of passion for this industry, solidifying every customer’s confidence that their project is in the best hands. 

I actually started out in the medical field, working as a Medical Assistant for six years. I was proud if it and I learned great things. It was a good occupation, but something felt off.  Then, literally out of nowhere and actually a single instance,  did I realize a passion that I never knew existed in me. I was so excited and felt it with every part of me! The ability to have a hand in taking the everyday happenings in life that people tend to easily forget, and give them a stamp in time,  and making money doing it. Once I discovered the art of videography,  photography and editing, I knew that was the perfect path for me and I never looked back. I needed to learn more!


I have come a long way since first starting out. 6 years in the professional Drone Industry is a long time. Trust me. Today, I have the most extensive online portfolio in Northern California and am the first ever to have established an independent and exclusive drone business here in Northern California. I am also one of the first people in the country to become FAA certified for commercial drone use. 

I absolutely love what I do and leveraging my creative eye to deliver stunning results for my customers. From the sky to ground-level, I am able to produce beautiful, unique, and memorable content that is guaranteed to exceed visionary expectations. So, if you are ready to take your videography and photography needs to a new level, give me a call, and we can make it happen. 

Though this industry is my passion and I pour my heart and soul into it, I do make time for other important things to me as well. I enjoy weight lifting, taking a killer motorcycle ride, soaking up nature and enjoying the moment.  And The Most Important...spending time with my beautiful family. I am Blessed.


Thank You for Reading