My name is Corey Hill. I am 39 years old, a proud father to 4 children and grandfather to 3 children. I started in the medical field 5 years ago as a medical assistant and currently work part-time in that field. I am the owner of AntiGravity Aerial Productions since 2014 specializing in Promotional highlight videos and Photography.


My interest in remote piloting started in 1991 with gas powered airplanes. I had a neighbor whom hand built beautiful WW2 replica airplanes (Primarily P-51 mustangs), and I was hooked. Unable to cash flow my interest at age 12 I left R/C model flying. Fast forward to 2013. I had a lightbulb moment while coming across a Youtube video of 2 guys in England who use a camera mounted to a rudimentary drone to collect photos for listing agents. LIGHTBULB!  I can do that! I knew it would be something special and had a lot of applications in the future. I wanted to be ready with a portfolio when it did. When I have a passion, I dive right into it. The rest is history.


Starting in 2013 I saved money over the next 10 months to purchase my first drone. Over that period of saving, I self-taught everything. From building a website to SEO to learning all about drones and the compatibilities of each separate component that, at that time, were stand-alone components from different companies. I purchased a Phantom 2 w Gopro3+ black and H3-3D gimbal.


I officially was ready. Website built, hardware in place. I started my business in March of 2014.

I started primarily in real estate, both commercial and residential. I honed my flying skills and learned as much as I could about ALL aspects of this craft. I started editing with Gopro Studio which I used for about 2 years to build a portfolio.


I received my Part 107 license in Oct of 2016 and have been doing primarily highlight videos for Real Estate. Over the last 2 years I diversified my services and added “ground-level” video to my skill-set. I built on an “all-encompassing” platform that showcased all aspects of a property from 4-400ft.I have been using Adobe Premiere Pro for approx 2 years and love it. I am currently diversifying my services to include data services: Agriculture, Construction, Insurance claims, etc.


My work includes events, real estate and all types of promo videos. From startup investors to construction progress videos to Doctors offices to solar panel companies to storage facilities and even having the opportunity to film the world’s first Jet Pack before it was even introduced to the world.  I LOVE taking raw footage and creating something that is memorable and engaging. I learn fast and always have a passion to learn more. I am a “people-person” and love to teach what I know. I look forward to working with you all!


AntiGravity Aerial Productions

Corey Hill


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