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What Does FAA Certified mean? -  An FAA  "Part 107"  Certification allows a remote pilot to operate a small UAS (drone) for commercial purposes. Making photographing and filming-for-hire perfectly legal as long as all rules and regulations are followed.   Summary of Part 107

I Never Hired a Drone Service Before, Where Do We Start? 

You have 2 Options:


1.  For a quick quote on a specific piece of property just CLICK HERE or go to my contact page and fill-in the info needed.  If  any further info is needed we will contact you.

2.  Call Us! -  If you have a specific project that you are unsure of options or where to take the project than give us a call! If  you are looking for a "Go-To Drone Service"  to possibly use for future listings/Projects and want to take it to a larger scale then give us a call!  Or, if you want to get to know a little more about  what this unique service has to offer and have several questions you need answered then contact us anytime!  We would love to discuss your vision and help you learn more about what AntiGravity Aerial Productions can do for you!

How High Can You Fly? - We cannot Fly over 400ft.  from above ground level.  

However, We CAN fly up to an additional 400ft higher from above the top of a structure.  (building, tower..etc)

How Are the Images/Video sent to me? - I typically send files via Google Drive. Its easy and does not require anything to be setup from the end-user. I send you an email with a link to download the footage.  Its that simple.

What Options do You Offer in Terms of Packages? - We can fully customize a Package that best fits your needs! We offer Indoor Video Tours,  Aerial Video/Photo, and Traditional Photography. The most engaging and  powerful package to have is an Indoor Video Tour along with Cinematic Aerial footage, combined into one Beautiful Highlight Video.  That brings a lot of Value to a property.  Contact us anytime to discuss what Package can be made for you! 

How Long Can You Fly In a Single Flight?Batteries last approx 17 min.  Typically, a property takes 1-2 batteries to film.   I  carry several batteries during a shoot in case more flight is needed. 

What Is Your Typical Turn-Around Time for Deliverable?  Highlight Videos Are typically complete within 5 days.  Making sure we are on the same page with the what is wanted really helps to expedite the editing process.  Photos are typically complete within 24 hours.

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