COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE

Create an Engaging and Eye-Catching Highlight Video of Your Property that Utilizes Drones and Hand-Held Steadi-Cams for Ground Video! No Other Media will Show the Value of  a Home Like an Aerial Perspective. Video is Unique in That it Tells a Lot of Information in a Small Amount of Time. And Most Important is That Video Adds Emotion! And That is So Key to Real Estate. Aerial Drone Footage Combined With an Indoor Video Tour results in the Ultimate Selling Tool! The Final Video Includes Music, Graphics and Buttery-Smooth Movements for Memorable and Informative Video.  Not Sure Where to Start? No Problem, Contact us Anytime for a Flexible Package That Will Suit the Needs of You and Your Client.

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Real Estate Photography

Sacramento State University - Student Housing Project Month 2

  Turn Up Volume!

Sacramento Convention Center Demolition

Meridian Pacific Sales - Heavy Equipment Rentals

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