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"I setup a drone training lesson with Corey for my new DJI Inspire 1.  Corey was extremely professional and responsive from the very first contact to following up with me well after the lesson.  He even helped me upgrade my drone the night before on his own time.  We met at the flying site and Corey took his time explaining safety, controls, and the various settings.  He is very knowledgable in all aspects of the drone as well as the application and walked me through each configuration setting including calibration.  He took his time to make sure I understood the controls and gave me many tips on handling the drone properly to protect the drone itself and the be in tune with the surrounding area.  He was very patient throughout the lesson and let me learn at my pace.  I never felt rushed and felt confident throughout the lesson.  I can’t ever imagine taking a drone out for the first time without a lesson from a professional like Corey.  Most of all, we had a lot of fun and the value of the lesson was well worth the cost.  I have taken my drone out many times since that first lesson and always applied what Corey taught me.  I may even go back to get a more advanced lesson.  I recommend Corey very highly if you are considering a lesson or are hiring him for a drone shoot for your business."  


"Thank you Corey!"

Yatish Mishra

President and COO


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