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Sacramento Benefits of Video for Real Estate

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

1. It Draws Listing Traffic

First and foremost: Video sells real estate. Brokers using video, whether for commercial or residential purposes, have reported higher traffic to online listings when they post videos on their website or multiple platforms. The quick and easy access allows the potential user to get a visual representation of what the property is, and its effective use. Video can also be used to reach potential users who do not have access to the physical location.

2. It Offers a Better Sense of Space and Area

Listing text, by its nature, has to be short and to the point. As a result, it can’t be as descriptive or detailed about the aspects of the property you're selling, and it can introduce terms that could be misunderstood. For example, you may be contacted by retail owners when the space would be more effectively used for offices. But using video, you’re able to offer a better sense of the space and more detail, and you’ll be able to show just what it’s suitable for.

Similarly, you can use Aerial video to emphasize useful features of the area, such as proximity to shipping depots, or being located in a neighborhood that will draw a specific type of customer. Retail organizations especially will want to get a sense of foot traffic and other shops in the area.

3. It Lets You Highlight What Makes Your Listing Unique

No two commercial listings are the same, and video is a good method for bringing out the little details about a listing that makes it sell. Perhaps it has an unusually large amount of storage. Maybe the interior has a specific character certain types of businesses are looking for. There could be specialty equipment that is unique to the building and has been installed by a previous owner that suits the space to certain businesses. Video lets you bring those to the forefront, and show them in action.

4. It Can Be Incorporated Into Other Strategies

Video is fairly simple to work into any marketing campaign your agency may already be pursuing. A simple link can be put at the end of a listing, or included as part of the newsletter you send out. Videos can easily be put on your website and rotated through. It can also be used as a major part of your email marketing campaign. Video has been proven as one of the most effective pieces of any marketing strategy.

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