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Stuck at Home? Clean Your Equipment!

By: Corey Hill

Photography – Fun, Creative, Inspiring, Pure, Exact and……Dirrrty.

The Social Distance that is being encouraged with the unfortunate Coronavirus problem, we find ourselves indoors and at home more than usual. So let’s make good use of it and clean our equipment! Sensors. If you change lenses often or sometimes, and have not had your sensor cleaned in a while it may not be a bad idea to do so. It is somewhat of a scary process at first and you could ruin your sensor if done wrong. If you are unsure or uncomfortable about doing it, no problem! Action Camera in Roseville offers the service on a walk-in basis for the cost of $30. However, it’s free if you purchase your camera there and they can usually complete the service within 10 minutes or so.

Lenses. Having a high quality lens filter such as the Promaster HGX series can act as a water-barrier to help keep your lens elements clean and safe. If you already use a filter, remove it and clean the element itself. Dust finds its way everywhere. Remove your lenses and clean the front and rear elements with a micro-fiber cloth and lens cleaner solution. Be sure not to spray directly onto the glass with the cleaner but instead spray a mist into the air with your micro-fiber cloth gathering up the mist. Also, take a Q-tip and clean the perimeter of your lens edges where more debri can collect. It’s also a good idea to clean your lens and camera body contact points with a Q-tip and some isopropyl rubbing alcohol to ensure a good electronic connection between the lens and body.

Take a Q-tip and wipe out your viewfinder. Due to the general small size of the viewfinder area, they tend to collect a lot of debri. Clean your monitor and remove the oily film that so easily collects. If you do not have a screen protector, it’s a great idea to protect that screen. They are expensive to repair and can so easily break, especially if you are a nature photographer and out in the elements.

It’s also not a bad idea to clean the hot shoe contact points. They are easily forgotten about.

In general, clean all your equipment that you own as it will last you longer and be more dependable when you need it. You treat it will treat you well. So, while stuck in the house, study the exposure triangle, and clean your equipment! And your hands…..often.

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