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The Magic of Photography

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

By Corey Hill:

Photography is special. We all love photography for different reasons. For memories, for experiences, for marketing and for the love of Nature and People. However, their seems to be a common thread that brings the community of photographers together that I think we all should appreciate. A common thread that unites us all as hobbyists, professionals, nature lovers, people lovers and those who want the world to SHINE through their imagery.

Capturing an image and freezing time, encourages us to feel how rich reality truly is and how amazing the present moment can be. Something we probably all need to do a little more of. Photography MAKES us look at the world differently, through a new “lens” (pun intended). We don’t just look for photographic opportunities, but we FEEL it as well. We take our time, see things we do not normally see in our hectic lives. We are in the “now” which enhances our creative side. Our ‘feel good’ chemicals such as endorphins, are released which enhances our wild imagination and a spectacular creative side! Photography makes us tap into that.

I LOVE photography for kids. It can be one of the most healthiest activities for children, and the funnest! It introduces them to this grand world in which they live and encourages passion for their surroundings.

For photos of people, its one thing to take a picture of a person, but really you are making a portrait of ‘Who They Are.’ From street photography to Landscape photography to Wildlife Photography, it allows us to capture the world in unique and empowering ways.

Wildlife photography offers a peek into another world. Need to get lower to capture nature? Great! Get down on your elbows and compose! Crawl...have fun and feel the earth beneath you. Enjoy what mother nature has blessed us with and delve into another environment. But...keep your camera clean!

So….if you are not photographing currently, then get out there and shoot because great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.

By: Corey Hill

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